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Soil  Food

Soil Food is specially prepared for all kinds of flowers , vegetables , plants ,fruit trees & crops for rapid and vigorous growth.

Dosage & Usage :

For  Potted  Plants – ( 2 – 3 ) table spoons for small  pots  and  5   table  spoons  for  big  pots  once  a  month . For  Fruits   Trees  –  25 kg  of  vermicompost  in  soils .
For  Flowers  –  1 kg  per  3  sq. m. once  every month  .After mixing  it in  the  soil  apply  water  for  better  results .Excess  application does not harm either plants or soil ,in any manner.


Organic  Manuar (Wormiwash):

It is  unique   liquid  organic manure  based upon  enrich  vermiwash   with  herbs & seaweed  extracts  containing  all major nutrients.  Plant Tonic increases growth and production  of vegetable, fruits & flowers ,  simultaneously  giving them necessary  protections  against  harmful  insects.  It is strongly recommended for all types  of  crops , vegetables , fruits , & flowers


Dosage :

Liter  per  acre  after  mixing  in  100  liters  of  water .


Organic  –  Insecticides:

Neemazol is a  herbal  product from Neem ,effective  against many harmful insects  which  belong to orders :  Lepidoptera , Diptera ,Coleoptera , Hymenoptera, Homoptera , Orthoptera in eco-friendly  manner .

Dosage  :

For  1 Acre , mix 1 liter  in  100  liters  of  soapy  water .
Use  after  10  to  12  days  interval  of  time .

Our experts will provide you with personalized help for:

.  Organic Farming
  Research & Development
  Pesticides & Fungicides guidance
.  Growing problems of any type
.  Disease & pest control solutions

.  Irrigation & soil fertility advice
 Latest growing methods
  New technologies
.  Technical Staff for all agri-based departments
  Supply of agri inputs
  Packing and Marketing
.  Fully uploaded and updated website for any time reference

.  Provide knowledge about Subsidiaries etc.


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