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Training would ensure that you become master in preparing mentioned products at home that are top-of-the-world with our state-of-the-art training. Capture the appreciation of your family and friends when you learn the art of variety in these products

This training combines classroom lectures with demonstrations & hands-on practice in the institute facility to give you a thorough understanding of the properties of mentioned products, their ingredients and confidence in problem troubleshooting.

Take your skills to the next level and develop innovative products for family and friends, then see an immediate applause when your new skills have a positive impact on your household surroundings.

The training delivers all the expertise you need even to start a venture of your own, with concise lectures and with practical hands-on activities. The training focuses on the function of ingredients and processing techniques to maximize quality and efficiency in the production of different baked goods.

Achieve consistently excellent product quality with the perfect combination of ingredients and processing conditions. Learn how ingredient variations affect product quality, and how processing and fermentation can improve your product quality in instructor-led, hands-on lab sessions.

After this training you’ll know how to:

  • Use variety grains and flours to produce unique products.
  • Make pan variety, hearth, and sourdough breads
  • Evaluate finished products for quality
  • Evaluate the role of fry fat in finished product quality
  • Formulate, produce, ice, and glaze cakes and yeast-raised products
  • Choose ingredients for their specific functions
  • Describe production processes and equipment that enhance products quality
  • Critically assess final products for quality
  • Use ingredients, mixing techniques, and fermentation to affect dough quality & development
  • Choose from various flours and common additives to achieve your final product specifications.
  • Assess quality of finished goods
  • Stay ahead of health trends: gluten-free, low-carb, high fiber
  • Evaluate product varieties based on customer preferences

Bakery Classes

Bakery Classes by Internationally acclaimed professionals.
Registration by paying Rs. 1000/- adjustable against course fees.
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